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Love Quotes used in relationships. Persons used these kinds of quotes, status, and lines to send their beloved persons to feel them how much you like or love them. Many customs use this kind of edge to send their dear family, friend, and partners.

Love Quotes have beneficial feelings within them. This is why when some send this kind of thing to any other person, that person becomes obsessed and like this practice. also offers, Mohabbat Shayari, Maut Shayari, Shayari on Waqt, Funny Shayari.

Love Quotes

🥰At this moment, I genuinely🥰 wish that you are here or that I was there, 🥰or that we were together somewhere.❣
love quotes

💝If you want to find out🥰 where your heart is, then look where your 🥰mind is going when it is wandering.💖
love quotes

💕I want you to know that🥰 you have never left my mind even though there🥰 are a million things that I need to worry about each day and night.😍
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💓Never say you love me if 🥰you don’t mean it, for I might do 🥰something stupid… such as believing it.💝
love quotes

❤Thank you for always 🥰making me laugh even when I 🥰cannot even dare to give a smile.🥰

😘At this point in my life, 🥰I just need someone who will never give up on me, 🥰no matter what happens.🥰

😍Thank you for stepping 🥰out of my dreams and for 🥰showing me what love means.💞

Latest Collection of Quotation

💖I have fallen in love with you🥰 because you have learned to love🥰 me even when I could not also love myself.💝
love quotes

💗I know that every love🥰 story is beautiful. But I would say that🥰 ours is my favorite love story of all.😍

In all honesty, I am only happy🥰 when I see that you are satisfied. 🥰I guess that’s how I love you.

I have not changed myself, 🥰I just grew up, and you🥰 should try it too.

I have fallen in love so 🥰many times… yet, it is with the same 🥰person, and that is you.

I have fallen in love so many times…🥰 yet, it is with the same🥰 person, and that is you.

love quotes

Love is not just an intense feeling; 🥰instead, it is an act of endless 🥰forgiveness and a tender🥰 look that could become a habit.

Thank you for🥰 being you and for sharing your love with me. Most of all,🥰 I want to thank you for showing me that love🥰 is something not just said but is also shown.

I never plan it, but 🥰you are the best thing that has ever happened🥰 to me.

(2020) Best Love Quotes

❣Even though🥰 I have seen you a hundred times, I still get🥰 butterflies each time I see you.❤

❤I may not get to be with you as often as 🥰I want to. I may not get to hug you all🥰 through the night, but deep in my heart, 💝I want you to know you’re the one I genuinely love,🥰 and I can never let you go.💞

🥰If love is a storybook, 💝then we sure have met right in the first chapter of the book.😍

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I love you, not🥰 just because of whom you are but for what 🥰I have become when I am with you.

Love is when you are 🥰with someone doing nothing, 🥰yet you just felt perfectly happy about it.

I cannot love myself 🥰so much, and this is why I need 🥰you to love me.

Never allow your💕 happiness to be based on something that you 💕might soon lose. That’s not loved at all.

Fight for me, 💕and I promise that I will do the same for you.

Loving Quotes

🥰One day, I just caught myself smiling for no reason at all. Soon,💕 I realized it’s all because I was thinking of you, 😍I love you.❣

True love does not💕 mean being inseparable. It just means being separated, yet,💕 nothing ever changes.

💞I love how I can act like Cinderella in jeans and sneakers when 💕I am with you.🥰 Thank you for treating me like a princess.💕

💝I want to run away with you.💞 In a place where there is no one💕 but only me and you.🥰

Love is life. 💕Thus, if you miss love,💕 then you miss life.

love quotes

Love is what 💕makes two people sit right in the middle of a branch 💕when there is enough room in both ends.

Every woman deserves a man 💕who looks at her every day the way he💕 looks at her the first time he saw her.

😇I’m never afraid to fall in love.💕 I am just scared to fall for💕 the wrong person again.💓

🥰When things go wrong and 💕that you feel like you want to quit, 💕always remember that you still got me.🤗

If I don’t adore and cherish💕 you, then I surely don’t💕 deserve you.

You had come into my💞 life when everything around me was all dark.💞 It was you who gave me light, allowing 💞me to find my way.

I have never💞 been so sure about all the things going on in my 💞life like I am about us.

Unique Love Quotes

❣They say that people in 💞love are foolish.❤Well, I would💞 not mind being a fool forever, 💞if that means loving you endlessly.💞

Please tell me what 🥰I have done to deserve you in my life. I just want to be 🥰sure that I keep on doing it.

❤You’re the reason 🥰why I’m breathing, yet sometimes you 🥰just take my breath away.❣

They say that you🥰 fall in love once, but I would dare say it is a life,🥰 for each time I look at you, 🥰I fall for you over and over 🥰again.

❤Whatever you do, I will always walk🥰 with you while hoping that our every🥰 dream will come true.💞

🥰Nobody taught the bird to fly and 🥰the fish to swim. But with these 🥰short love quotes for him,🥰 it’s just like me, honest and sincere. ❤No one ever taught me to love you – it just happened!💖

Every single day,🥰 I am genuinely grateful for I have you.

I have fallen 🥰for you because of all those little things you 🥰are never aware of.

Love Quotes

❤When I talk about you,🥰 it’s like falling in love with you over and over again.💓

🥰I will not promise to give 💕you a perfect relationship. What I will promise you is 💕that if you are trying, then I am staying.💖

❣If you are a book I borrowed from the💕 library, then I would never give it back.❤

I will not follow you to the dark. 💕Instead, I will walk ahead and light💕 the way for you.

💝There are only two reasons why I would wake up in the morning -💕 the sound of my alarm 💕clock and you.💖

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